Rebecca Schuman, autoarea cărții Schadenfreude, A Love Story, a contribuit la seria de articole The ’90s Are Old, creată de Longreads, cu articolul The Gilded Age of (Unpaid) Internet Writing.

Articolul a apărut în septembrie 2018 și nu-ți ia mai mult de un sfert de oră pentru a-l citi. Iar dacă ești pasionat(ă) de istoria și evoluția internetului, va fi un sfert de oră bine folosit.

Iată câteva idei scoase din context:

Alas, what made the webzines of the late ’90s the best was also what would end up making the internet the worst: anyone could publish anything about anything, and very few people expected to be paid.

The early webzines were like Jordan Baker’s idea of a large party in The Great Gatsby: purportedly huge in their ability to reach the entire world, but really so intimate — the absolute perfect venue for talking shit. For in their intimacy, a sort of safeness germinated — a safeness to punch up at celebrities, political adversaries, and rich people

A publication’s financial success depends on a glut of ambitious young Content Creators willing to write for free